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 #DSR Ban Appeal

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PostSubject: #DSR Ban Appeal   #DSR Ban Appeal I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 31, 2012 11:49 pm

Ban appeal-

- Fluent English to be understandable and might improve your honesty when filling out a application.
- Having a idea where your talking about, As in Describe the situation you've had.
- Short descriptions of the main story, will be counted as a denied application. You have to fill in a application with fluent English and a good idea/memory what exactly happened.
- Be yourself, tell the truth and try to not lie in your application for a ban appealing or things will become very hard for you.

Warning: You are not allowed to post on other peoples ban appeals unless you have a good idea of what exactly happened, have your speak about it and wait until between the Ban appeal staff and ownership of the server agree on the action to Keep you banned or essentially unban you.


Real name:

Characters Full-name:

Real-life Age:

Character Age:

Which admin banned you(Provide Admin's level Also, if you can):

Describe what happened in the situation, where you got banned.:

Is there any reason why the admin banned you?:

Any more notes you want to put in?:

Good luck to you all and i hope you can get unbanned without a worry of losing excellent experience in DS:RP.

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#DSR Ban Appeal
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