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 Ban Appeal - Drazah Xave

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal - Drazah Xave   Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:20 pm

Real name: Denzel

Characters Full-name: Drazah_Xave

Real-life Age: 16

Character Age: 21

Which admin banned you(Provide Admin's level Also, if you can): Luke Stephens A.K.A James Smithy (Supposedly a corrupt admin)

Describe what happened in the situation, where you got banned.: I was in-game driving around with my friend "Mordecai_Southwell" and out of the blue, Bans started showing up "AdmCmd: Drazah Xave was banned by Luke Stephens, Reason: Ok" I was not the only one who got banned. This admin banned everyone on the server at that time (around 6/7 people) Here's the names of some of the members I remembered who were on:
Rick Curri, Shing Yamamoto, Harry Winston and Mordecai Southwell (Their were many more people on)

Is there any reason why the admin banned you?: No, It definitely wasn't a fakeban because I checked and it remained at 1 player online through the hole time

Any more notes you want to put in?: Negative

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PostSubject: Re: Ban Appeal - Drazah Xave   Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:23 pm

I Was There to but i qiuckly /q so I dont get banned but now when I try to join the Server it says Joining Game...Server Restarting and that happens every minute But the Banned Persons You didnt mention are Kenny Rodriquez,William Rodriquez
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Ban Appeal - Drazah Xave
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