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 Promoted to Helper.

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PostSubject: Promoted to Helper.   Promoted to Helper. I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2013 7:41 am


Whenever i use /Newb chat it says that i am a "Helper"
I have no problems with that at all, don't get me wrong.
But this is what i don't understand.

Did i get this title due to leveling up IG? (My level IG is level 5.)
Or did i really get promoted to Helper by a admin or a person with a high enough rank to make me it?

Why this question?
It's because i'm very confused about this.
If i got promoted to the rank "Helper" i would like to know why and maybe by who so he/she can explain it to me.
Because (My opinion.) I am still learning alot about the server as i play.
And need alot of help myself to. I do want to help other players, but this is only possible if i have more experience at the game.

If it automaticly makes you Helper @ level 5...
i would like to say this... Not everyone at level 5 has alot of game experience..
and since you get the power to ban someone from the /newb chat and the power to kick..
i think it is very dangerous because of power abuse and such.

I hope i explained it well enough to get a answer about my questions.

~ Izzy
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Promoted to Helper.
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