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 Complaint agains Stefan Melojkovic

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PostSubject: Complaint agains Stefan Melojkovic   Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:49 am

This Kind of chief of staff is a retard,. How can he know that I used hacks? Im not using hacks anymore since I got left administrative at Horizon Roleplay to move on here my loyalty, So I do respect all staffs, admins and players here,,. IF! they do respect to me also,,,.. but This kind of retard faggot unrespected staff,.. is being a faggot again,.. I'm asking where did I hack? where is your evidence? a speed? I was running away from the DMer's and Rushing up my bike named NRG... Why stefan? you saw me? And let me ask you something you don't know how to RP pushing air speed at bikes by doing arrow up rapidly? Try by yourself, I played samp almost 3years,.. maybe you just played samp almost 1year,, or maybe months?... AND YOU"RE JUST a chief staff,, and I'm not a hacker that you'll jail me after the cops jailed me for just speeding and running away from DMers... Yes I also shoot cops at Robbery scene,,. But thats finish,, Now im at jail 20mins. with reason turn that of biatch,, and I was WTF? What would I turn of my laptop? Mother of God,.. seriously? you're not being nice to us then,. you're just thinking for yourself,..

SS's from my high tempered shits...

for you Stefan Melojkovic...
If no one helps with this,. You're also a corrupt shit..
I know Stefan is good in helping but,,, too much pride is enough for humbleness.,

Haru Gaming..


My GTA San Andreas folder after he jailed me I immediately SS my FOlder:
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PostSubject: .   Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:02 am

Solved - I will give stefan a formal warning
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PostSubject: Re: Complaint agains Stefan Melojkovic   Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:55 am

First Kenny Told me that He Ports Everywher,but i didnt believe him but when I was infront LSPD He Just TPed There Also Few Players Complainted on Him If You dont believe me ask Kenny.
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PostSubject: Re: Complaint agains Stefan Melojkovic   Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:27 pm

TPed ohhh mother of God,, so Kenny is also a noob then,, I didnt TP I just hide and having a scope snipe if what is happening at the City Hall, then they moved I also moved place so no one can see me., and theres a time that DMers saw me hiding and they start catching me,. they Keep catching me and I fell down my bike at LSPD area and ran To VIP area,, but still noticing the DMer is still catching me,.. and suddenly a 1 cop saw me running and DMer is shooting me, so he also catch I dont think if who is he catching.. and I ride the bike and it's rentable so I go down,, and say help! /s help! someone is shooting me like that,, then I put my handsup and the DMer ran with rentable bmx.. so all governor and lspd go to me,, and detain,, So if I'm a Hack TPer so I did TP to somewhere to hide so that they won't catch me... so didnt notice I did that? cause Im not a freakin hacker,.. and then cops jailed me and you jailed me again over 20mins. oh fuckin retard,, Then after that I got out from jail,,. and go to /ad site and join me having a firework at pershing square that was fuckin fun because you also put your own firework,, and after that you saw me holding katana.,, and you said Katana? then you said HAXOR.. then you killed me with your spas12, WTF are you crazy? Im a mother fuckin VIP noob...maybe you're the hacker dont know how to get guns at VIP just hacking by yourself, if no,, you're still noob then... And before that,, I said to you why you dont have name and you said admin will give to you a mask if you're a good RPer or player,, who the admin gave to you cause you're a fuckin noob? and you said you're in /cduty and it's OOC? Ohh FAK I just heard that from you,,, even you're just an advisor you're still IC cause you're not admin to have /aduty or something.. to let other know to it... and you're shooting randomly and say **WAR** but I just keep enjoying the firework,,.. go by yourself a katana,, on a arms dealer.. or get /viplocker weapons katana.. or just keep your knife off on me.. because you're a hacker that's why you hate players that you misthink that Im a hacker... don't get a knife to kill backstabb on me cause you're acting like a hitman,, but the truth is you're hacker then...

Don't fuckin complaint about my accent...
You fuckin racist I'm just fuckin asian bitch,,,

bro stefan gay noob or whatever,..
bro I will not turn off my laptop.. because you said to me ..turn off that Biatch

I will get back through it... YOU!!! should turn off your hacks... not me cause Im not having it on my laptop.. Im scared of viruses like your small dick.. hanging on your sister's panty,..

PEACE OUT NOOBY STEF and also other NOOBY staffs... try to learn more,,, not just get promoted fast,,, And Kenny by the way.. I red steff reply,.. And I'm telling you,, you're not deserving to be admin... like Dexter you jealous from him? cause he is good? not asking from players to say thanks? because dex is the one really helping players gain... not like you asking /w to say,, oohhh dex or something that Kenny is Good admin he deserve shits,,, HOLY SHIPIRIT man,,, who the FAK are ya? God of all Dummies?FAK you then...

Corruption will start to getting your server fucked up... so be careful recruiting your staffs...
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PostSubject: Re: Complaint agains Stefan Melojkovic   Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:11 am

Jardz wrote:
Corruption will start to getting your server fucked up... so be careful recruiting your staffs...

Read this last line he said very carefully...

The more hours i play on the server,...
the more i agree with Jardz!

Why? This is my staff experience from the past till the present day.

When i started:

The staff is very friendly when i came on the server for the first time.
Listened to me and all, replied/answered to all my questions.

^^^^ That sounds like a happy customer doesn't it? (It's because i am... But how long will this maintain?)

How the server is for me (us) now:

I /Report [Complaint/Question goes here].
Report is either denied or accept and i get a lack of information or not the information i asked for.

That's my first point!
Second point....

Sometimes i need help in the server because im stuck or whatever.
(I MADE SEVERAL COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS!) There is always this admin...
That no matter what you do... always is AFK!
I think we all know who that is... But i dont want to start a rage here...

Then we come to the point of the admin team....
(again not saying names) When you ask something you always get the reply "IDK" or they say "its bugged" when its not bugged at all.. but i just need different command...
A.k.a. Get a staff with experience,... and that is not only admin because they're longing for power because they think they're though!

(Did we talk about the power abuse yet?)
Not yet.... But i will make a different post with screenshots for this don't worry...
In the topic im going to make,.. im not going to post names and ill erase all names from the screenshots.
I only want to point out in this and in the other post..
that the admin team needs (alot of) work,...

Please do something about this,.. because this will cost the server its members...

(Hope i didn't offend anyone, i am just explaining something here and not saying names... The only purpose of this post is because i, myself want a nicer community and i hope i spoke for more people than just myself with this post!)

~ Izzy

Last edited by Izzy_Daniels on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:36 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Complaint agains Stefan Melojkovic   Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:23 am

Izzy I agree to you, I also experienced that.. but not all admins,, but also helpers and advisors,. Who think they're tough then... First helping hard because the admins are there.. for short ((SHOW OFF))

Players question: bla bla bla... after 10 seconds...
Head Helper or Advisor ====: He helps long long long long sentence and with /helpme or /visualhelp to see that those here,..
But when admins or owners are gone..
Players question: bla bla bla faggots,,.. after.. 10.. 1minute.... 7minutes...
Head Helper or Advisor: Oh,, the hmmm yeah.

IT"S SICK DUDE! WTF if you answer that short sentence.. you better tell your mum to cook for your food idiot... CHILDISH,, immature shit., makes me MAD, pissed or whatever..

Izzy I think they won't offend, Because they'll notice *shit I did this?, what am I doing?* like that..
Guys as I think.. it is really lame if you recruit retard admins like always afk, it is ok if you're doing lunch or talk with something just like that.,, I think you just AFK for nothing.,.. watching porns, movies etc.
I hope your loyalty will increase,, Yes your loyalty is too much because you're staffs, or admin etc. but you're losing your humble, and users(players), you're just increasing your pride, and just for yourselves. think tough? Try to go to Philippines you feeler like gangstah', I don't think so, if you're gonna be alive after leaving at the airports' gate, Just tell me if you go there, Or come meet me here at Korea and try not to speak or I'll knock you down..

Izzy and I are example of dedicated loyal players in this server, and to this server alive.

AND DUDES!! try no to aim admins or HIGHER SHITS! that is sick,, think about helping, gaining players, because they like it what you're doing..
if we say bad, we're not saying it with just a joke,, bad we're saying it, if what we see on it.

~Haru Gaming
~Devil Family <======= THIS PEOPLE also got pissed to RETARD staffs..
~Equinox Family
~Shax Family
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PostSubject: Re: Complaint agains Stefan Melojkovic   

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Complaint agains Stefan Melojkovic
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