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 Feint Hash Gang - Application

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PostSubject: Feint Hash Gang - Application   Feint Hash Gang - Application I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 08, 2013 4:16 pm

Feint Hash Gang, Was once a dream for the gang corrupted kid “Drazah Xave” growing up without a father and a drugged mother living in a broken down neighborhood with gang violence tearing itself apart in New York City, Drazah then realizes that getting out of the hood is harder than it looks like. When Drazah reached 13 years old, He created a street crew that would do anything for money but he understood money never bought respect he recruited five of his closest loyal childhood friends Larry Parker, Lee Smith, Mark Anderson and Mordecai Southwell. Together they took part in robbing’s, Drug deals and even Heists at the age of 17. In the late 80s they began to make a name for themselves in the streets. They adopted the color blue due to their favorite color, as the crew grew on…. Drazah formed “Sectors” There were 4 sectors in total. Essence Dealers, Arms Industries, Car Thefts and Miscellaneous. 10% of the money comes back to FHG and its needs. Over the years each Sector reached over 30+ members and was one of the most ruthless and dangerous gangs in the city at that time, in 1990 the gang grew outrageous Murders, Homicide, Heists and such more occurred occasionally in the city of New York. On February 9th 1990 FHG was involved in one of the biggest drug deal throughout America, Every gang wanted-in on the trade unfortunately the police heard in on the trade and arrived at the deal in several amounts armed with hot weaponry. The gang shoot-out began in less than ten minutes into the trade, Feds stormed in and everyone fled, many died that day and FHG was disbanded a year later. The year now is 1992 and the 5 loyalty members moved to Los Santos hoping to get a better life but later understood that Los Santos was exactly like New York City gang corruption was ten times worse, In mid-1992 Drazah joined The Yakuza Family, a Japanese organization, Drazah later left to realize that it doesn't suit him but is still firm with the Yakuza members. When the 5 loyalty members meet up they later agree that they have to re-create the gang in order to survive the streets in this broken down city, Feint Hash Gang was re-formed.

The 4 Sectors requires Skins & Skills: (Leaders of each Sector are told in-game)

Miscellaneous - Skills: Anything
Skin Ids: 21, 41, 66, 143,176,177,184,297
Miscellaneous is a sector which you are allowed to do anything at any-times but must obey Lieutenants and Leaders commands

Essence Dealers - Skills required: Drug smuggler/Drug dealer
Skin IDS: 7, 28, 29,30,2
Fence Dealers is a sector which requires 2 skills. This Sector also buys and sells drugs and shares among the gang

Arms Industry - Skills required: Craftsman, Arms Dealer
Skin IDS: 48, 24, 25
Arms Industry, Much like Fence Dealers but requires 2 different skills and sells Weaponry to the Members and others.

Vehicle Thefts - Skills required: Mechanic
Skin IDS: 42, 50, 292, 16
Vehicle Thefts in other words, Vehicle Jacking is basically self-explanatory, except it requires 1 skill and is only worth using if any FHG members needs a vehicle at important times.

Land Vehicles: Sultan, Huntley, Savanna, Tahoma and Burrito(Van)
Air Vehicle: Maverick

Ranks & Members
Shot Caller - Boss
- Drazah Xave

Triple OG- Lieutenant
- Lee Smith, Larry Parker, Mordecai Southwell

Street G – Colonel of the gang

Hustler – Middle rank (Puttin’ in work)

Street Rat - Gangster

Fresh Meat- New comer

What is DM :
Death Match: Killing a player without a valid reason

What is RK:
Revenge Kill: Returning back to a player and killing them after they killed you

What is MG :
Metagaming: Mixing OOC with IC

What is BH :
Bunny hopping: Continuously jumping to get from one location to another faster.

What is KOS :
Kill On Sight: Killing someone as soon as you see them.

What is QS:
Quick Swap- Swapping to another weapon to avoid reloading it.

What is CR:
Car Ramming – Continuously ramming someone with your vehicle

More Details

1.What is your name in game?
: Drazah Xave

2.What is your Phone number in game ?

3.Who is the Family leader ?
:Drazah Xave

4.Who is your members ((Start with 3))
:Larry Parker
:Lee Smith
:Mark Anderson

5. What type of family are you trying to create?

6.What is your Gang name?
:Feint Hash Gang

7.What is the Family Color?
: Any type of blue, Mostly… ID 2 and ID 154

8:Where is the location of your HQ?
:Shown in-game

Have you read All server/gang rules?
: Yes I have

Hope you accept my Application
Bye ! Smile
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Feint Hash Gang - Application
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