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 David Mason's apply

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PostSubject: David Mason's apply   David Mason's apply I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2013 5:24 am


Personal Information

First Name: David

Middle Name:

Last Name: Mason

Height: 1.90 Meter

Weight: 70 kilo

Age: 21

Date Of Birth: 18th june 1990

Contact Number: 4887

Origin: European

Current Address: Belview 1

Current or Previous employment(s): Mechanic, Boxer, Taxi driver and Lawyer.

Advance Information

Have you ever been commited a crime or jailed before?: Yes, only once when i was a kid.

Have you ever worked in illegal organization before?: No i havent.

Are you phsyically fit or have any health problems? : None, Healthy as possible.

Why do you want to enlisted in USMC ((Minimum 50 words)):
I want to join the United States Marine Corps to serve the country that has given me home, friends and food to eat.
I want to pay it back for all the stuff it has gave me, all the people in the country to assist them in any way possible.

Why should we accept you instead of other applicants((Minimum 40 Words)):
In my opinion the United States Marine Corps, stop big time criminals, assist the other Law Enforcement Officers when they need it, Protect high classed weapons,
Catch terrorist, Deliver weapons to all the other Law Enforcement Agency's so that they have weapons to catch criminals with.

Your Life Biography((Minimum 200 Words)):
My name is David Mason, I come from a small town in Sweden, in the Outback where the animals are much larger then in more populated areas.
I come from a family of 6, My mother and my father Margareta Mason and Kalle Mason, My brothers Alex, Per and John, We are a close family we've stuck together since birth. When we were in Sweden we hunted animals, Grew plants, Became experts at finding people.

When I was 8 years old my beautiful mother hit a deer whilst travelling to work, She died in the car accident after that my father became a alcoholic to deal with the pain.
One day he came home with marijuana and used needles.
I said that's enough! I packed my stuff and ran to the nearest airport which was 50 miles away, I bought a ticket to Los Santos, My first few nights where tough, I had to sleep on the streets, I ended up stealing from people and running from the cops they eventually caught up with me and arrested me.
After that I straightened up and got a job as a Boxer, I became one of the best Boxers known in Los Santos.
After 2 years of that I got sick of it so I got more and more jobs I became a Taxi Driver, Car Mechanic, Lawyer.
I invited my family to join me in Los Santos so my brother Alex, Per and John came to Los Santos to live with devastating news. My father had died due to destroying his liver with his heavy drinking, I then decided I would make something of my life for my Mother and Father.

So I decided to apply for United States Marine Corps.

Imporant Information

Your Licenses photo copy ((Screenshot of your /licenses)):David Mason's apply 2095beu

Your passport photo copy ((Screenshot of your /stats)):David Mason's apply 23mouxk

((OOC Information))

Name: Emil

Age: 16

Country: Sweden

Timezone: +1

Do you have any alt accounts: No

Previous roleplay history here: None

Do you have Teamspeak 3 and a Working Microphone ((currently optional)) ?: Yes

How many hours you play daily?: 3-5
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David Mason's apply
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