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 Kaynes Smith Application

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PostSubject: Kaynes Smith Application   Kaynes Smith Application I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2013 7:49 pm

Your IG name :Kayne_Smith

Your level IG:4

Why do you want to join? :Because I want to help all those newbies out who don't know a thing about the and they neeed help from and this will be a great oppertunity because I can work my way up on this job.

Why should be accept you? :Because I have professionalism on me,I'll give detail on answers and make everthing realistic and easy to understand you know and if you accept me,I'll bring the best answers you have in your life mate.

What can you do to help us? :Like I said,I'll bring professionalism to the server,which I mean to like to bring detailed answers and all that sutff you know,professionalism is the key to being a good helper (also realism),I mean like be realistic in my questions you know and thats all.I love to help the server to bring good roleplay aswell because sometimes people dm at my old server,I suggested maybe start a gang and tell them I roleplay (soon).

How can you help with the server? :Bring roleplay to it and I have professionmal roleplay and that will be good because this will help the server get on its feet and stroll forever in a smooth way.Roleplay is the most important thing to do and I am going to show aswell than helping you know.I'll help other players and help this server because I like to you know ands its enjoyable to meet other players you know what I mean,I like to make friends and its going to be great.

Any experience with past servers? :Yes

Rate your RP from 1-10 :9/10

What is DM :Deathmatch is killing someone with out a vaild reason (without roleplay).

What is RK :Gettimg killed in a roleplay and going back and taking revenge.

What is MG :Using OOC in IC situations

What is Mixing :IC in OOC situations

What is Bunnyhopping :Bunnyhopping is for people who need to a place faster and its unrp.

What is PK :N/A

Is I love you willowfield off an insult? :Yes

Is Shemale an insult? :Yes

What is your goal as a helper? :To work my way up on the server and helping people out.

What will you do as a helper? :Help people,answer there questions and show them roleplay.
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Kaynes Smith Application
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