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 FBI Format

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PostSubject: FBI Format   FBI Format I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2013 3:45 am

center]FBI Format 1ypgV
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
FBI Application Format[/center]
Applicant Information
Last Name: *Answer*
First Name: *Answer*
Middle Name: *Answer*
Date of Birth: *Answer*
Gender: *Answer*
Race/Ethnicity: *Answer*
Phone Number: *Answer*
E-Mail: *Answer*
Current Employment: *Answer*
Past Employment: *Answer*
Applicant Home Address
Address: *Answer*
City: *Answer*
State: *Answer*
Country: *Answer*
General Information
Country of Citizenship: *Answer*
Country of Residence: *Answer*
Years lived in San Andreas: ((1 level in-game = 1 year lived in San Andreas)) *Answer*
Provide us with a clear picture of your passport ((/stats)) and licenses ((/licenses)): *Answer*
Have you received your High School Diploma? *Answer*
Have you ever been convicted of any crimes? If yes, explain why: *Answer*
Are you a legal Citizen of San Andreas? *Answer*
Qualification Check
Why are you interested to join the FBI Academy? *Answer*
Life of Biography: (Minimum 500 words) *Answer*
Among many other applicants, why do you think we should pick you? *Answer*
List your strongest qualities and tell us why you think these qualities are needed in the FBI Academy: *Answer*

((Out of Character))
General Information
Age: *Answer*
Gender: *Answer*
Country: *Answer*
Timezone: *Answer*
Qualification Check
How long have you been playing on DS-RP? *Answer*
Have you ever been banned or warned? If yes, why? *Answer*
How active are you? *Answer*
Past faction experience: *Answer*
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FBI Format
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