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 LSHP Radio Codes

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PostSubject: LSHP Radio Codes   LSHP Radio Codes I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2013 7:19 pm

10-00 Officer down, all patrols respond
10-0 Use caution
10-3 Stop transmitting
10-4 Affirmative/Understood/Message received
10-6 Busy/Out at call
10-7 Out of service (completely)
10-7od Out of service (offduty)
10-8 In service
10-9 Repeat last message
10-14 Convoy or escort detail/Suspicious person
10-20 Your location
10-22 Disregard/Cancel last message
10-26 Detaining suspect/Check auto registration
10-27 Request drivers license check
10-28 Check registration on vehicle
10-31 Crime in progress/in pursuit
10-38 Traffic stop
10-76 Enroute to location
10-77 Estimated Time of Arrival
10-90 Alarm going off/Bank alarm
10-101 Ending security check
10-103 Disturbance
10-107 Suspicious person
10-108 Officer down/Officer in danger
10-112 Impersonating an officer
10-200 Narcotics,drugs involved
10-2000 Police required immediately

11-24 Abandoned Vehicle
11-28 Check vehicle registration information
11-47 Injured person
11-51 Escort
11-54 Suspicious vehicle
11-84 Manual traffic control needed
11-85 Tow truck needed
11-95 Out of vehicle,routine traffic stop
11-96 Out of vehicle,traffic stop,send backup
11-98 Meet officer
11-99 Officer needs help immediately

Code 1 Non-urgent situation
Code 2 Urgent -Proceed immediately(Without siren some speed allowed)
Code 3 Emergency -Proceed immediately with sirens and lights
Code 4 No further assistance required
Code 6 Out of vehicle for investigation
Code 9 Roadblock
Code 30 Officer need emergency assistance

IC6.Unknown ethnicity.

EXAMPLE WHEN TALKING ON POLICE RADIO/Your units/Badges will be your phone number
Unit (your phone number-Example#### ))We have a 10-31 at Verdant Bluff,please respond Code3,over
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LSHP Radio Codes
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