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 Mara Salvatrucha MS-13 [Application Form]

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PostSubject: Mara Salvatrucha MS-13 [Application Form]   Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:09 pm

Gang/Family Application

1.What is your name in game?
: Palolloyds_Cordozar

2.What is your Phone number in game ?
: 8099

3.Who is the Family leader ?
: Palolloyds_Cordozar

4.Who is your members ((Start with 3))
: Koko_Cordozar
: Bayot_Cordozar
: Client_Cordozar
: Vinci_Cordozar

5. What type of gang are you trying to create?[Mafia, Gagsters etc.[Mafia/Gang/Worker]
: Gang

6.What is your Gang name you need ?
: Mara Salvatrucha MS-13

7.Wha is the fam Color you need ? ((id the color and photo for it))
: Yellow and Black

8:Where did you need the HQ ? ((Ss for your HQ RP for you fam))
: i will /report in-game for our HQ/Barrio.

9:Make A Story For Gang/Worker/Mafia ((should maxmum 250 words or more than))

As the Mara Salvatrucha got separated because of the crisis, old high ranked members kept in touch with each other. The Family was indeed greatly affected by the crisis but they are working hard to get back on their knees once again. It was a really hard job to get the members back and rollin' once again because the Diablo's need to establish within themselves a respectable personality so that the esse's will respect them again. So The High ranked Leaders needed to work hard and make a high income in order to rebuild the disbanded family. Day and night, they strive to earn enough in order to come up with an amount they need to rebuild the Family's Businesses and their Casa. They needed to kill and do dirty work as they always did in the past in order to get their goal. Because they need power and respect to rise up again on the streets and become known again as the Mara Salvatrucha. Although they will need to face different challenges and difficulties ahead, they will need to work hard and work as a family in order to be the number one.

10.ARe you owen Fam any time ?
: Yes,.

Ooc Questions

1.What is DM mean ?
: Death match,Kill some one without RP

2.What is OOc and IC mean ?
: Ooc= Out of Charter , IC= In Charter

3.What is PG mean ?

: Power Gaming = Do some thing in game and you can't do out in the real life

4.what is 2 CR mean ?
: Car Ramming,Killing some one by Car without RP and without reason
: Checkin Run, Run Like Chekin and it's non RP

5.what is CS mean ?
: Car Surfing,Shooting Cars with no RP and without reason

6.What is QS mean ?
: Quckly Spawn,Change guns fast without /me and /do and non RP

7.What is MG mean ?
: Meta gaming,Using OOC into IC situatuons.

8.What is RP mean ?
: Roleplay, Every thing Like Real life

9:What is Rk mean ?
: Revenge Kill,Kill any one on the street without reason

10.What is KOS mean ?
: Kill on Sight , Attack some on on his name and he is hide it's not RP

1.Are you have Teamspeak 3 and Mic ?
: yes

2.Have you read All Server/Gang Rules?
: yes

Families Skins : 108 - 109 - 110 - 242 - 241

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PostSubject: Re: Mara Salvatrucha MS-13 [Application Form]   Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:22 pm

Please Accept it. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Mara Salvatrucha MS-13 [Application Form]   Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:07 pm

I /Support You
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PostSubject: Re: Mara Salvatrucha MS-13 [Application Form]   

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Mara Salvatrucha MS-13 [Application Form]
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