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 L.S.P.D. Procedures 4# - Official Handbook( Radio Codes, Vehicles & Divisions)

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L.S.P.D. Procedures 4# - Official Handbook( Radio Codes, Vehicles & Divisions) Empty
PostSubject: L.S.P.D. Procedures 4# - Official Handbook( Radio Codes, Vehicles & Divisions)   L.S.P.D. Procedures 4# - Official Handbook( Radio Codes, Vehicles & Divisions) I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2013 7:56 pm

Hello there, officers of L.S.P.D., this is your Deputy Chief speaking, William Heavorn. Please read this in order to be the best officer in this Department!

Radio codes
10-0 Caution
10-1 Unable to Copy
10-2 Signal Good
10-3 Stop Transmitting
10-4 Message Understood
10-5 Repeat Message
10-6 Busy -- stand by unless urgent
10-7 Out of service(Off-Duty)
10-8 In service(On Duty)
10-9 Repeat
10-10 Fight in progress
10-12 Citizens able to hear Radio Report
10-13 Weather -- road report
10-14 Citizen with Suspect [BLUE/RED]
(Is Citizen in direct danger? No:Blue | Yes:Red)
10-15 Suspect in Custody
10-15f Suspect(Female) in Custody
10-16 Traffic Stop
10-17 Meet complainant
10-18 Quickly
10-19 Return to Station
10-20 Location
10-22 Disregard last Assignment
10-23 Arrived at scene
10-24 Assignment completed
10-25 Do you have contact with:
10-26 Detaining suspect
10-27 Drivers license information
10-28 Vehicle registration information
10-29 Check for wanted
10-29P Check for wanted positive [Suspect is wanted]
10-31 Crime in progress
10-32 Man with gun
10-33 Emergency
10-34 Riot
10-35 Major crime alert
10-37 Investigate suspicious vehicle
10-38 Stop suspicious vehicle
10-39 Use lights and siren
10-40 Respond quickly
10-47 Emergency road repair
10-50 Traffic accident
10-51 Request tow truck
10-52 Ambulance needed
10-53 Road blocked at ...
10-55 Intoxicated driver
10-56 Intoxicated pedestrian
10-57 Hit-and-run accident
10-59 Escort...
10-66 Cancel message
10-67 Suspicious Person(s)
10-68 Dispatch information
10-70 Fire alarm
10-74 Negative
10-75 In contact with ___
10-76 En route ...
10-77 ETA (estimated time of arrival)
10-78 Need assistance
10-79 Notify coroner
10-80 Pursuit in progress
10-89 Bomb threat
10-92 Illegally parked vehicle
10-93 Blockage
10-94 Drag racing
10-95 Subject in custody
10-98 Escaped prisoner
10-97 Arrived at scene

Code 1 - Proceed With caution
Code 2 - Proceed quickly without lights and sirens
Code 3 - Proceed quickly with lights and sirens
Code 4 - Return to Normal Duties
Code 30 - Officer/Medic in Danger
Code 50 - Subject wanted
Code Purple - Gang Violence

207 - Kidnap
210 - Bank Robbery
1000 - Abandoned Vehicle

Vehicles & Divisions
-The General Duties(GND):
GND is the division that's doing the most of our duties, such as: Patrolling, Vehicle Ticketing, Arrests, Traffic Stops, Responding to Crimes/Robberies/etc. They are to use the L.S.P.D. Patrol Cruiser ONLY.Their Leader is Chief Matthew Connor.
-The Infraction Intelligence(II):
II is the division that's searching and arresting notorious criminals, and giving information about them to the GND division, in order to arrest them. They are use any car they want. Their Leader is ____( N/A).
-The Field Training Office(FTO):
The FTO are the ones training new Cadets, in order to make them exceptional Officers. They are to use the L.S.P.D. Patrol Cruiser, or any transport vehicle when they are in Training-Duty. Their Leader is ____( N/A).
-The Special Weapons And Tactics(SWAT):
The SWAT Division is the Elite Division of L.S.P.D., where only the best officers go. This division is used for breaching & securing High-Risk places, using advanced tactics. They are to use the Police Rancher, the S.W.A.T. Enforcer, the S.W.A.T Tank or the F.B.I. Truck. Their leader is Deputy Chief William Heavorn.

-The Internal Affairs(IA):
The IA is the Division that's gathering information about the Officers, arresting them if they become corrupt. They are special units, using any car they want. They are under the direct command of the Chief and Deputy Chief, and they can receive orders only from Staff Sergeant Rank+ Officers.

Thank you and use & remember this!
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L.S.P.D. Procedures 4# - Official Handbook( Radio Codes, Vehicles & Divisions)
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