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 Gang/Family Application Zego_Mada

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PostSubject: Gang/Family Application Zego_Mada   Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:20 am

Gang/Family Application

1.What is your name in game?
: Ezz_Mada

2.What is your Phone number in game ?

3.Who is the Family leader ?

4.Who is your members ((Start with 3))

5. What type of gang are you trying to create?[Mafia, Gagsters etc.[Mafia/Gang/Worker]

6.What is your Gang name you need ?

7.Wha is the fam Color you need ? ((id the color and photo for it))

8:Where did you need the HQ ? ((Ss for your HQ RP for you fam))
:come in game i will show you

9:Make A Story For Gang/Worker/Mafia ((should maxmum 250 words or more than))

10.ARe you owen Fam any time ?

Ooc Questions

1.What is DM mean ?
:Death match,Kill some one without RP

2.What is OOc and IC mean ?
:Ooc= Aut of Charter , IC= in Charter

3.What is PG mean ?
:Power Gaming = Do some thing in game and you can't do out in the real life

4.what is 2 CR mean ?
:Car Ramming,Killing some one by Car without RP and without reason
:Checkin Run, Run Like Chekin and it's non RP

5.what is CS mean ?
:Car Surfing,Shooting Cars with no RP and without reason

6.What is QS mean ?
:Quckly Spawn,Change guns fast without /me and /do and non RP

7.What is MG mean ?
:Meta gaming,Speaking Ooc in Ic and abuse them

8.What is RP mean ?
:Roleplay, Every thing Like Real life

9:What is Rk mean ?
:Raveng Kill,Kill any one on the street without reason

10.What is KOS mean ?
:Kill on Sight , Attack some on on his name and he is hide it's not RP

1.Are you have Teamspeak 3 and Mic ?

2.Have you read All Server/Gang Rules?

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PostSubject: Re: Gang/Family Application Zego_Mada   Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:37 pm

Fill in the application propley and with more detail. You have 48 Hours to do so.

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PostSubject: GangMod response   Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:52 am

Application Denied

Bad grammar,
Sections not filled in
Answers wrong in some parts.
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PostSubject: Re: Gang/Family Application Zego_Mada   

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Gang/Family Application Zego_Mada
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