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 Kevin_McCabe's National Guard application.

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PostSubject: Kevin_McCabe's National Guard application.   Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:31 pm

First Name: Kevin

Middle Name: Ethan

Last Name: McCabe

Height: Unkown

Weight: Unkown

Age: 31

Date Of Birth:

Contact Number: 3874

Origin: America

Current Address:

Current or Previous employment(s): Taxi Driver, Currently: Detective

Advance Information

Have you ever been commited a crime or jailed before?: Never

Have you ever worked in illegal organization before?: Nope

Are you phsyically fit or have any health problems? : No

Why do you want to enlisted in USMC ((Minimum 50 words)):
I wanna begin a new life. And i will take what i need to take for get Los Santos in peace.
I wanna do what my grandfather did under the second war. And im experienced, My dad and me is hunting sometimes and such.
Im think im gonna be a great soldier. And i will obey!

Why should we accept you instead of other applicants((Minimum 40 Words)):
I will and want to protect Los Santos from war and criminal activity.
And i will take and will get Los Santos in Peace. If we get in war will i stand there in defense.
Im experienced with guns and to be offensive.

Your Life Biography((Minimum 200 Words)):
My grandfather and me was living togheter my whole life. Because my parents died when i was two years old.
I don't know the reason that they died. After five years. I was seven years old. Then i begin to help my grandfather. And he payed me with hunting.
I like the Hunting work. Actualy i was there for the gun. But.... Two years later, My grandfather found a women. We go to Los Santos, In Los Santos.
Everything is different. Gangs, Biger town. I go in school there. Getting friends, Every day i was on the gym after school with my both friends. Stefan and Robbyn. We did everything togheter until i was twenty years old. Robbyn go from Los Santos to Las Venturas. And Stefan was in Los Santos. He and me was left. I begin working, From Taxi Driver to Decetive. Decetive was my job sometimes, But also Taxi Driver. When i was 31 years old. I Begin be with Stefan again. We drived around, I Lived in his house with him. We both wanted to join the Army. So we decided to apply for National Guard, My Grandfather lives with his Woman Katty. And we are all happy.

Imporant Information

Your Licenses photo copy ((Screenshot of your /licenses)):

Your passport photo copy ((Screenshot of your /stats)):

((OOC Information))

Name: Kevin

Age: 16

Country: Sweden

Timezone: Europe

Do you have any alt accounts: No

Previous roleplay history here: HSRP. James first server,

Do you have Teamspeak 3 and a Working Microphone ((currently optional)) ?: Nope.

How many hours you play daily?: 3-6 Hours. Rare is 10,
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2013-01-01

PostSubject: Re: Kevin_McCabe's National Guard application.   Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:55 am

Dear Applicant,

I looked over you application and I am here to tell you that. You are accepted. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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Kevin_McCabe's National Guard application.
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