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 Last 2012's Album

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PostSubject: Last 2012's Album   Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:08 am

SanNews photo team made the last 2012's album and here it is.
We hope you like it and we wish you a merry christmas.

Los Santos City Hall, always awesome

All Saints General Hospital, there to help you living healthly

Los Santos Police Department, officers always ready to help you.

Los Santos Bank, there to keep your money safe

Gleen Park, nice to walk.

Skate & BMX Park, where the kids have a lot of fun.

Alhambra, SanNews viewers had awarded Alhambra like the best place to dance.

This Album has been made by:

Network Producer, Ryan Stone

((Reply with your opinion please Very Happy))
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Last 2012's Album
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